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Academic Positions

Since 2009 Chair in Sociology: Professor of Sociology of Health and Healthcare Systems (W3), University of Siegen

Harkness Fellowship in Health Care Policy and Practice (Harkness and Robert Bosch Fellow), Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University

John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellowship, Center for European Studies, Harvard University

Since 2005 Senior Research Fellow and Project Director at Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung (MZES), University of Mannheim (since 2009: External Fellow)
2003-2005 Senior Research Fellow at the Collaborative Research Center 597 Transfor-mations of the State, Project: The Changing Role of the State in Health Care Systems, University of Bremen
2000-2003 Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Institute of Sociology, University of Heidelberg (J. Kohl)
1997-2000 Research Fellow in the project: Family and Welfare State in Europe, Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung (P. Flora)
1998-1999 Research Fellow in the project: Welfare and Solidarity in Europe, Roskilde University (P. Abrahamson)
1996 Research Fellow at the Institute of Criminology, University of Heidelberg
1992-1996 Assistant to the Dean’s Office at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Heidelberg


2003 Ph.D. in Sociology at Heidelberg University (summa cum laude/with distinction). Thesis: “Krankenversicherung oder Gesundheitsversorgung? Gesundheitssysteme im Vergleich“ (Health Care Systems in Comparison), Reviewers: J. Kohl, T. Klein / M.R. Lepsius, M.G. Schmidt
1996 M.A. in Political Science/Sociology/Economics. Thesis: “Die deutsche gesetzliche Krankenversicherung und der britische NHS” (Comparison of the German SHI and the British NHS). Reviewers: M.G. Schmidt, K.v. Beyme

Research Grants and Awards

 2015-2017 € 192,662, Project on Health Inequalities in European Welfare States/HiNews, funded by DFG-Norface (with C. Bambra, T. Eikemo, J. Beckfield, T. Huijts; vol-ume of the Norface-project in total: 1.4 million)

€ 850,000, Project on Healthcare-Seeking by Older People in Germany. The social and institutional context of decision-making in the case of sickness, funded by DFG

€ 17.500, Conference on „Healthcare Seeking – Science meets Practice“, funded by Robert Bosch-Stiftung
2011 Award for the 2010 Best Article in the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (€ 1,000) (with J. Kohl)
€ 337,500, Project on ‘Welfare State Support from Below: Linking Individual Attitudes and Organized Interests in Europe’ as part of the SFB 884 ‘The Political Economy of Reform’ funded by DFG (with B. Ebbinghaus)

Harkness Fellowship in Health Care Policy and Practice (Harkness and Robert Bosch Fellow), Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University (Sept. 2008 - Aug. 2009)


John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellowship, Center for European Studies, Harvard University (Sept. 2008 - July 2009)

2008-2010 € 106,584, Hans-Böckler-Foundation, Mindestsicherung in Europa. Indikatoren der Armutspolitik (with B. Ebbinghaus).
2006-2009 € 239,092, Attitudes towards Welfare State Institutions, funded by DFG
2009 € 30,975, approved by the Equalsoc Scientific Committee and funded by the EU, Equalsoc-Workshop: Institutional Change (with B. Ebbinghaus and J. Visser), AIAS/Amsterdam, June 18-20
2008 € 20,700, approved by the Equalsoc Scientific Committee and funded by the EU, Equalsoc-Workshop: Welfare State Institutions and Welfare State Outcomes (with J. Palme/SOFI), MZES, March 7-9
2006 € 55,100 German Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies. VFA-Report Lebensqualität in Deutschland (with B. Ebbinghaus).
2005 Participant at the 2nd Annual Symposium, Japanese-German Frontiers of Science. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Shonan Village, Japan
2003 Ruprecht-Karls-Prize 2003 (Ph.D. thesis), University of Heidelberg (€ 3.000)
2003 € 26,000, Fritz Thyssen Foundation. Symposium: Das Weber-Paradigma (with G. Albert, A. Bienfait and S. Sigmund)

Further International Experience


University of Roskilde, Denmark (10/99-4/00

1999 Research stay at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), financed by the EUSSIRF-Programme of the EU (3/99-4/99)
1997-1998 Institute of Demography, Austrian Academy of Science, Vienna (10/97-6/98)
1997 The Danish National Institute of Social Research, Copenhagen (1/97-9/97)
1994 Internship at the WHO, Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen (9/94-10/94)
1993 Erasmus-Scholarship at Leicester University (4/93-9/93)


Professional Activities 


Associate Editor, Health Policy (since 2011)
Editorial Board member, Zeitschrift für Sozialreform (since 2010)
Editorial Board member, International Journal of Clinical Practice (since 2009)
Editorial Advisor, BMC Health Services Research (since 2013)
Board member, DGS/Sektion Medizin- und Gesundheitssoziologie (since 2013)
RC19 Board member, International Sociological Association (2010-2014)
Editorial Board member, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (2007-2009)    


Council for European Studies, Equalsoc-Network, DAAD-Alumni, European Health Policy Group, European Social Policy Association Network (ESPAnet), German Association of University Professors and Lecturers, German Sociological Association (GSA), GSA section ‘Social policy’, GSA section ‘Sociology of health’, Humboldt Network, International Sociological Association (ISA), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Research Committee on Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy, RC 19/ISA, Research Committee on Sociology of Health, RC 15/ISA
Reviewer for

Sociology/Social Sciences: American Journal of Political Science; European Journal of Political Research; European Sociological Review, International Sociology, Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, Leviathan, Policy & Politics, Politische Vierteljahresschrift, Public Administration, Regulation & Governance, Social Identities, Social Science & Medicine, Zeitschrift für Soziologie; Social Policy: Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Journal of European Social Policy, Social Policy & Administration, Zeitschrift für Sozialreform; Health Policy: BMC Health Services Research, Health Expectation, Health Policy, Health & Social Care in the Community; Health Services Research & Policy, International Journal of Clinical Practice, Journal of Health Organisation & Management, Value in Health, WHO Bulletin, Zeitschrift für Evidenz, Fortbildung und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen,

Review of book proposals for Edward Elgar, Palgrave, UBC Press

Review of research grant proposals for Academy of Finland, Austrian Academy of Sciences, DAAD, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/DFG, Hans-Böckler-Foundation, Minerva Stiftung, NHS National Institute for Health Research, The Hungarian Scientific Research Fund