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Staff courses


English for Staff Program

Starting on October 21st, 2021 we will be offering an annual program consisting of various modules. You are free to register for the whole program or select individual modules. All of the modules are open to academic and non-academic staff.

If you would like to request a staff course that we do not currently offer, please contact Dr. Anna Kubisz-Sambrook at anna.kubisz@spz.uni-siegen.de

We are also currently offering English advice and support for university staff – presentations, meetings, teaching topics, etc.
Appointments are subject to availability. To book an appointment, please email Dr. Anna Kubisz-Sambrook at anna.kubisz@spz.uni-siegen.de.

We also offer Courses for specific purposes, e.g. Academic Writing (dissertation, academic papers)

and  General English courses.