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The QM system in the area of studies and teaching comprises two interrelated control committees in which study programs are further developed: 

At the faculty level, all study programs and the associated problems are discussed at least once a year in annual meetings. The lecturers and students are the participants of the study program as well as the Q-coordination of the faculty. In the case of teacher training courses, the ZLB's Q-Coordination also participates. The annual talks enable the continuous development of the curricula and the organization of studies and teaching. A guideline for conducting the annual talks serves as an aid. The results of the annual talks are recorded.

The overall evaluation of a study program and the resulting revision of a study program is carried out regularly in the internal accreditation procedures, which take place every six years for a study program. They form the central control committees for quality development at university level.

Both levels are systematically interlinked in that the results of the decentralized control cycles are fed into the central control cycles of the internal accreditation. The basic idea of the QM system at the University of Siegen is that needs for action and problems are primarily dealt with and resolved at the level at which they occur.


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