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Semester fees

Dear student,

You have applied for registration or want to re-register for winter semester 2021/22 at the University of Siegen. The registration can only come into effect when you have payed in the semester fee of € 276,80.

 Please re-register by 3 September 2021.

Students, who study in our Master's programs that are taught in English may participate in the intensive German course before the semester start (offered by Sprechenzentrum without any fee), but are not required to register in the German language course (preparation for the DSH examination).

Foreign students who participate in the German language course (preparation to DSH examinaton - not the intensive course before the semesterstart) may please pay €500,00 in addition, in total € 776,80.

Please transfer fees to the bank account of the University of Siegen: f
BIC/IBAN – WELADED1SIE DE30 4605 0001 0001 4014 05

Please name your student registration number (Matrikelnummer) as reference

The semester fee consists of:

  • Semester ticket including the NRW-Ticket € 173,30
  • Soli-Euro € 3,00
  • Social contribution Studierendenwerk € 90,50
  • AStA contribution € 10,00
  • German access course (DSH) €500,00 in addition

Please regard:

  •  After having executed payment we will send you your student ID card (USiCard) by mid of March/September. unisono contains the digital lecture register in which you can enrol for your courses until the lecture period begins.
  • In the unisono you can look into your saved master data and print it out if necessary. You can also print out study certifications the unisono https://unisono.uni-siegen.de. You find the data after registration under Studiumsverwaltung/ Bescheinigungen.
  • Please inform the Registrar’s Office or Student Admission, Registration and Training in German (STARTING) immediately about changes concerning your personal data. You can change your adress by yourself in the unisono
  • Should you not be interested in a study place any more, please inform your Sachbearbeiter in the Registar’s Office (students with a German degree) or Student Admission, Registration and Training in German (STARTING) per e-mail or letter
  • In case the semester fee is not paid within the re-registration period (Rückmeldefrist), an additional fee of 10,00 € will be charged