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High Level Information Extraction

Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprojekte aus dem Bereich Systemintegration


„SAFE On-Line“-On-Line Health Monitoring for Rolling Stock Wheelset Axle

Early detection of an incipient crack in a rolling stock wheelset axle (see Figure 1) can help to avoid fatal train accidents and the high cost for corrective maintenance activities. Usually, the wheelset axles are checked by

conventional Ultrasonic Testing (UT) at pre-defined mileages. During the conventional UT, the train needs to be taken out of service.

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SIISpine: Development of a robotic assistance system to support minimal invasive spine interventions with reduced radiation

Dorsal pain is a major reason in Germany for absence from work due to illness. The reason in many cases depends on instabilities of the spine, which may result from intervertebral disk lesions, fracture of a vertebra, or arthrosis. A common option for treatment is stiffening of the respective segment of the spine (spondylodesis). This intervention is among the most frequent spine surgeries in Germany with more than 72.000 cases per year (DRG statistics 2012).

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PIREF – Process diagnostics and integrated closed loop control for increasing the efficiency

of hot rolling lines for steel bars and wire

Despite the fact that the performance of the bar and wire manufacturing plants has increased over the decades, the manufacturers, engineers, and operators are still struggling through various challenges (e.g. productivity,

product quality, production tolerances, costs, etc.). This is due to the complexity of the forming process in profile rolling. In addition, alternating materials have different influences on the forming process

and accordingly lead to cross-sectional variations, which deteriorates end products tolerances.

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Aerodynamic Optimization of Centrifugal Fans Using Active Learning

Due to their significant contribution to the total electricity consumption of the European Union (nearly 10%), future minimum efficiency requirements for fans are set by EU regulations. As a consequence,

many currently available fans on the EU market may no longer be sold and the need for efficient design and optimization methods arises. In the context of the current project we focus on centrifugal fans.

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KungFu - Optimization of visual ante-mortem inspection using computer vision

In the beginning of the 20th century the ante-mortem inspection of meat was introduced by the German Professor Dr. Robert von Ostertag. The goal was to contain diseases that could be transferred to humans by infected meat. Nowadays this is a standard procedure done by veterinarians. Due to new European laws in 2014, the ante-mortem inspection has to be done mainly visually to prevent cross-infection which increases the workload of the veterinarians. Concerning pig meat for example, dependent on the size of a slaughterhouse, 200-900 pigs must be inspected per hour.

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Reformed gas engine for biogas power generation or combined heat and power plant

The aim of this project is to enhance the market opportunities and to further improve the environmental impact of small and intermediate combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Combined heat and power (CHP) plants convert regenerative generated biogas into power and heat, which can be fed into power or district heating grids. Due to technical reasons the production of heat is higher than power.

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Test setup for determination of hip joint rotation center by means of reference bodies and movement of the femur bone              

Intraoperative Implementation of X-ray
image based preoperative Planning for Precise
Implantation of Hip-Endoprotheses

This project is carried out in cooperation with 4 plus company for software and hardware development, Erlangen/D. It focuses on the design and development of a novel computer assisted operation procedure for total hip replacement, based on a low cost surgical navigation system. Necessary hard- and software components will be developed.

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Computer simulation of the air flow around one blade of a centrifugal fan.

Long-term Performance of a Fuel Vapor Retention
System (FVRS) while using Bioethanol as a Fuel

Since 2011 gasoline passenger car engines are fueled with E10. This biofuel contains between five and ten percent of bioethanol. The aim of adding bioethanol is to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and CO2- emissions.

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Current distribution in antenna

Graphene-based THz antennas for ubiquitous
communication devices

Compact antennas are a key determinant for the performance of all future ubiquitous smart devices. Graphene plasmonic micro-antennas with lateral dimensions of just a few micrometers can theoretically have area requirements up to four orders of magnitude smaller than classical metallic counterparts, indicating a huge potential, enabling radically miniaturized wireless communications, providing better integration at much lower cost......

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Computer simulation of the air flow around one blade of a centrifugal fan.

Aerodynamic Optimization of Centrifugal Fans Using CFD-Trained Meta-Models

Due to their significant contribution to the total electricity consumption of the European Union (nearly 10%), future minimum efficiency requirements for fans driven by motors with an electric input power between 125 W and 500 kW are set by EU regulations. As a consequence many currently available fans on the EU market may no longer be sold and the need for efficient design and optimization methods arises. In the context of the current project we focus on centrifugal fans.....

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Feature detection and matching between image pairs of a virtual space scene

AVIRO - Modular Perception System for Space Robotics

The effective control of robots needs an exact environment model together with a current state description. The aim of AVIRO is the development of such a system. To generate a robust three dimensional model of the environment, the system can be mounted with modular sensor devices. A multi-sensorfusion combines the data of several connected units in real-time. Parallel to this, position, attitude and speed of the system are determined continuously....

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Quelle: EZLS

Ultra high precision 3D pose estimation for 3D
landscape scanning by micro-UAVs

For some time the Institute of Real-Time Learning Systems uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for purpose
of research. Prioritized was the flight control and the recording of photo- and video- material with quadrocopter
systems. The goal of the project “Construction of 3D Environment Models by Fusing Ground and
Aerial Lidar Point Cloud Data” was the extension of these two-dimensional visual data recordings with help of a 3D model.

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Robot-based surgical assistance system for spine applications

This project is part of the activities of a ZESS research team working in the field of medical technology. In
close cooperation with physicians and industrial partners, the components of the universal surgical assistance
system modiCAS are designed, implemented, and tested.

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Scene Analysis (Seismic sensors and Radar sensors)

Long-range Scene Analysis with Time-of-Flight Cameras

Object recognition and tracking are the main tasks in computer vision applications such as safety, surveillance,
human-robot-interaction, driving assistance system, traffic monitoring, remote surgery, medical reasoning
and many more.

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Development and Investigation of a Long/Medium-Range Time-of-Flight and Color Imaging System

In this work, medium and long-range lighting devices working together with a 2D/3D scanner-camera were
developed and the usability for outdoor safety and abnormality detection systems were investigated.

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SAMT 2020
Intelligent Bogies for a
Resource Saving Railway Technology 2020

Railway transportation nowadays belongs to the most efficient systems for mobility with respect to an ecological and economical point of view, especially when considering the total costs of the different traffic systems.

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The I-Tube Project

In the drilling industry, acquisition of real-time information on all relevant data during a drilling operation
is a desired attribute. Hence various complex Measurement While Drilling (MWD) techniques of borehole telemetry
were employed in the past to affect the actual drilling (drilling, completion, intervention and process
control) and to provide the operator with a sight field to control his task in the desired manner

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Automated Disassembly of Lithium-Ion-Batteries

The research in this field deals with the three key areas, resource efficiency of production system, sensor-guided
robotics and the composition of modular automated systems. In this context, the collaborative research
project “Process for the recycling of large lithium-ionbatteries” has been launched.

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Automated Optical Inspection
for Processing Defects on Agricultural Goods
at the Example of the Potato Processing

The quality of the final products is crucial in industrial processing of agricultural product (indicating mainly
food). In order to avoid health risk to consumers without however big influences to productivity, agricultural
products are always required to be automatic optical inspected before coming to the end products.

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Project ProRo
Reliable Process of Tube Bending

The chair of Automated Manufacturing and Assembly under the leadership of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Weyrich
develops a sensor- and simulation-module for highprecision and reliable tube bending. The bending performance
is affected by manufacturing tolerances, control processes and inhomogeneity of the raw material.
In cooperation with the chair of Forming Technology and an industrial partner the aim in this project is to
develop a sensor based control system which is able to compensate parameter variation of the raw material.

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Sensor-guided robotic for the tactile
Sensitive assembly

The research of the Institute of Automated Manufacturing Systems and Assembly headed by Prof. Weyrich
focusses in Engineering of Automated Systems based on smart components.

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STIFFness controllable Flexible and Learn-able
Manipulator for surgical Operations

In minimally invasive surgery (MIS), tools go through narrow openings and manipulate soft organs that can move, deform, or change stiffness.

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Turning Roll Systems
Axial drift of heavy rotationally symmetrical
components on Turning Roll Systems

Turning Roll Systems are used to turn resting, rotationally symmetrical workpieces while or between
welding or mechanical manufacturing processes.

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