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German as a foreign language



German is spoken as a first language by about 90 to 105 million people worldwide. In the European Union, German is even the most widely spoken language. It has more than five million words. There are many interesting facts about this language: the letter ß ("eszett" as it is called) exists only in the German alphabet and seemingly endless words can be formed by stringing nouns together. In addition, there are words that only exist in German, such as Abendbrot (eating sandwiches and nothing warm in the evening is typically German) or Fernweh (the opposite of homesickness).

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Course coordination

Dr. Kristina Seibert

Hello, my name is Kristina Seibert and I come from Westerwald, which is a region in the north of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. I studied "Literary Studies: Literature, Culture, Media" and did my PhD on the construction of regions in German-language regional crime novels. In addition, I completed a continuing education program in teaching German as a foreign language. My special interests are researching creative as well as collaborative writing and, in this context, didactics for writing support in foreign language teaching. Therefore, creative and/or collaborative writing tasks are an integral part of my German teaching.


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German as a foreign language

Our courses are scheduled to accompany the regular university courses for all students, postgraduates and researchers of the Univsersity of Siegen.

We offer courses with four semester periods per week.


Information about course registration

New students Students who have been admitted to one of our general German DaF courses in the past 2 semesters
  • If you have completed a course: register for the next course level (please see the links below).
  • If you have withdrawn from a course or failed it: register again for the same course (please see the links below).

Students who took the placement test in August or September 2021 do not need to take another placement test in the winter semester 2021/2022.

If you have any questions please contact:
  Mail: daf@spz.uni-siegen.de


Courses offered

Unsere Fachsprachenkurse finden Sie hier.

Winter term Summer term
German 1 - Level A1.1 German 1 - Level A1.1
German 2 - Level A1.2 German 2 - Level A1.2
German 3 - Level A2.1 German 3 - Level A2.1
German 4 - Level A2.2 German 4 - Level A2.2
German 5 - Level B1.1 German 5 - Level B1.1
German 6 - Level B1.2 German 6 - Level B1.2
German 6+ - Level B1+ German 6+ - Level B1+
German 7 - Level B2.1 German 7 - Level B2.1
German 8 - Level B2.2 German 8 - Level B2.2
German 9 - Level C1, Teil A German 9 - Niveau C1, Teil B