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im SSC-Gebäude
Adolf-Reichwein-Str. 2
57076 Siegen

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studentischen Hotline:
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Fr: 8 - 14 Uhr

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International Students
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Bachelor of Science

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The degree program

The leading idea in development of the bachelor's degree program is alignment with the "classical" profession of "architect".
The corresponding target of the degree program is preparing for the professional tasks as an "architect", i.e. to being able to take over the design, technical, economic, ecological and social planning of buildings. Creative, competent and critically thinking skilled professionals are to be trained for these tasks. The content-related qualification targets are targeted at providing a general architecture education.

The bachelor's course offers a broad basic and specialist knowledge for independent work in the profession. The integral, integrated planning and design is important in the professional field of the architect. For example, the design of a building and the concept of the technical system decisively influence the current costs for energy and maintenance. Ecological concepts influence architecture directly.

Only if architects are competent in the area of integrated planning, have mastered interdisciplinary work and are able to cooperate will they be able to maintain or develop their roles as the main responsible party in the process of planning and creation of buildings. The corresponding requirements and understanding of integral, interdisciplinary planning can also be transferred to the design of city quarters or urban renewal. Development of these competences is important to us.

Important information

Proof of an eight-week construction site internship must be submitted no later than when starting the third semester. The focus of the basic internship is in contribution to practical tasks.

Beginning in the winter semester 2019/20, an aptitude assessment procedure will be implemented. Successful participation in the procedure is an entry prerequisite. More information here: https://www.architektur.uni-siegen.de.

Professional perspectives

In order to acquire the protection professional designation of architect, one must be entered in the "architects' list" with the architects' chambers. According to the requirements of the architects' directive of the council of the EU from 11 June 1985 and the requirements of the Federal architects' chambers to the profession, the regular study time at the moment must be at least eight semesters. Accordingly, consecutive master's studies with a degree are required in order to apply for an entry in the architects' list. The entry requirements are provided for in the construction chamber laws of the individual Federal states.

Study organization

Examination regulations/degree plan/module manuals/internship rules

Examination regulations (POs) specify the basic structures of a degree program (e.g. admission requirements and contents to be studied). Students are automatically subject to the current version of their PO when they matriculate for their first subject-related semester. This means that even if the PO changes during their studies, the original version according to which they matriculated will remain valid (provided that the PO does not expire).
The respective degree plan is the recommended example progress of the studies in individual subjects and is part of a PO.
Supplementary provisions and details for any module to be studied can be found in the module manually (e.g. requirements for taking a written test or content-related information on the modules/events, ...).
The internship rules define the conditions under which the required or optional internships must be completed.

We recommend at least looking at the study schedule for your degree program before the lecture time starts, to ensure that you know which modules are intended for the start of your studies.

Master's degree program