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Alumni Academy: Further education and international exchanges

Though our offerings for further education, we want to promote international understanding and intercultural exchanges in a meaningful way. These projects are funded by the DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service.


Alumni Academy

The Alumni Academy's "Die internationale Zukunftswerkstatt / The future laboratory" is aimed toward international alumni of the University of Siegen, and is designed to support them in their personal and professional further education.

In "The Future Laboratory" participants work together in an interdisciplinary composition on projects for sustainable development. The focus here is on education, digitalisation, social and development-related topics.

Alumni Academy / Transformation in terms of sustainability / 2023 and 2024

In the Future Laboratory "Urbanisation and Rural Development" the participants, international alumni and research alumni of the University of Siegen, are invited in an interdisciplinary grouping to enter into a discourse with international perspectives on this field of tension over a period of two years. Here, a link is established between international projects, which are identified and accompanied by the participants from their respective regional and subject contexts, and regional and university (Uni Siegen) projects. By sharing experiences, an added value is created for a transformation in terms of sustainability.

Alumni Academy / Digitalisation 20+ and Sustainability / 2021 and 2022

In the Future Laboratory "Blended Education" the participants, international alumni and research alumni of the of the University of Siegen, are invited to work together on concepts of digital teaching and blended learning.

Alumni Academy / Sustainability / 2014 and 2015

In the Future Laboratory "Pathways to sustainability" the participants worked together in an interdisciplinary manner on projects from their various regional, cultural and professional contexts which are related to sustainable development.

Sustainability Conference 2015

The international alumni participating in the 2014/2015 Alumni Academy presented their projects to experts and shared their experience in project development and how it can be used for sustainable development.

Alumni Summer School

In accordance with the motto "Shaping the future humanely - pathways to sustainability" the interdisciplinary Alumni Summer School of 2013 dealt with the topics of "shaping the environment", "social responsibility" and "economic thinking".

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