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Nano Seminar on June 23 at 5 PM: Prof. Manuela Killian speaks about "The story of NiO nanosponge". Here the Zoom link

Join the University of Siegen's Virtual International Day (USiVID) on June 10, 2021! Here the link

Important information for incoming students in the summer term may be found here

On 1.4.21 at 1 PM (CET) Info Webinar for prospective students.

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Nanoscience and nanotechnology involve different areas of physics, chemistry and engineering. For instance, nanoscience includes chemical preparation of nano-scale compounds and their characterization by physical methods, while nano-technology is related to devices, i.e. nano-electronics and photonic devices based on nano-scale structures. This requires a highly interdisciplinary approach, which is reflected in the research activity of the following groups at the University of Siegen.



Electrical Engineering


Interdisciplinary Research Centres and Programs

Facilities and Experimental Methods

  • Electron microscopy (SEM, EDX, WDX, ESEM, TEM)
  • Scanning probe microscopy (STM, AFM)
  • Light microscopy
  • Chemistry labs (wet, solid-state, ...)
  • Spectroscopy (liquid, solid-state NMR, UV, VIS, RAMAN, IR, ESR, luminescence)
  • Diffraction and scattering (X-ray, electron, DLS and SLS)
  • Processing (PVD, CVD, etching, lithography, FIB)
  • Thermal analysis (DSC, DTA, TG)