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Full House at ZESS - PhD Research Forum 2024

On 22nd of May the annual PhD Research Forum took place at ZESS

A busy crowd discussed 30 lightning talks and posters on a variety of aspects relating to sensor technology. The presentations enabled constructive exchange between students, PhD candidates, PostDocs and Professors across disciplines spanning Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Civil Engineering and Biology. A first was the generous support by VDI e.V. Bezirksverein Siegen - many thanks to the spokesman Frank Kasperkowiak and Prof Dr Jörg Himmel, responsible for academic liaison, (2nd picture) for their participation and valuable input!

On the occasion of the PhD research Forum Prof Jörg Himmel commented: "requirements of the global developments in technology are changing rapidly and are getting more diverse at the same time. The impact this has on the field of sensorics and information processing in general is massive. The only way to meet those challenges head on is through successful cooperation across disciplines. The Center for Sensor Systems at the University of Siegen (ZESS) has been a pioneer in precisely the kind of interdisciplinary work necessary and the projects presented here today show, that it continues to do so - both on the field of basic research and in joint projects with industry and institutions carrying out applied research."


Best Poster Award went to Syed Muhammad Kazim for "Simplifying Super-Resolution of Phase Objects" (6th picture), best Lightning Talk was given by Johannes Schmitt on "Nano DataAcquisition with nanoDAQ: Development of a fast, robust and cost-effective system for nanoparticle analysis" (7th picture).

The Lightning Talks were given by

  • Zhaoyu Xiong (Efficient Representation and Simulation of Material Point Method with Multiphase Coupling)
  • Syed Muhammad Raza (Embedding Sensors Inside Metal Near Functional Surface With Laser Metal Deposition)
  • Anna-Lena Dreisbach (Monitoring of the Preload in Bolted Connections with Electro-Mechanical Impedance Spectra)
  • Alexander Hoelzemann (Video-Assisted Annotation of Human Inertial Sensor Data: A Quantitative Evaluation Across Expertise, Datasets and Annotation Tools)
  • Daniel Kurzer (Intrusion Detection System in IEC 61850)
  • Johannes Schmitt (Nano DataAcquisition with nanoDAQ: Development of a fast, robust and cost-effective system for nanoparticle analysis)
  • Shubham Sharma (Predictive Maintenance for Cutting Tools: Estimating the Remaining Useful Life of Band Blades in Contour Cutting Machines)
  • Tadele Belay Tuli (Experimental design for human-to-human collaboration during collaborative object handling using digital twin)
  • Tobias Adam (Robust Structural Health Monitoring of CFRP Structures under Varying Loads using NSFD and Machine Learning with Combined Usage of Acceleration and Strain Data)
  • Nahshon Obiri (LoRaWAN Path Loss Measurements in an Indoor Setting, including Human and Environmental Effects)

Posters on display were by

  • Jonas Pöhler (Sensor based recognition of equestrian activities)
  • Nahshon Obiri (LoRaWAN-integrated Wearable Sensor Networks for Remote Human Activity Recognition: Applications, Challenges, and Possible Solutions: A Review)
  • Daniel Henn (EV Charging Power Allocation and Optimization with Hilbert Curve)
  • Jonas Hölzer (Laser-Induced Thermal and Electrostrictive Gratings in NH₃-N₂ Gas Mixtures and their Application for Diagnostics)
  • Onofre Martorell (Joint Denoising and HDR for RAW Image Sequences)
  • Maryam Fatima (Design of a Power Amplifier for Terahertz (THz) Band Application)
  • Tadele Belay Tuli (High-Speed Motion Tracking and Coupling for Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly Tasks)
  • Eric Kipkirui Kemei (Multivariate prediction of total organic carbon in river water using random forest)
  • Jan Philipp Schneider (Implicit Representations for Constrained Image Segmentation)
  • Marius Bock (Weak-Annotation of HAR Datasets using Vision Foundation Models)
  • Mohammed Hannani (Exploring the Potential of Large Language Models in Adaptive Machine Translation for Generic Text and Subtitles)
  • Alexander Auras (Invex Image Reconstruction)
  • Yannik Loth (Interdigitated terahertz metamaterial biosensors)
  • Syed Muhammad Kazim (Simplifying Super-Resolution of Phase Objects)
  • Mohamed Saleh (Object Detection through Inverse THz Simulation)
  • Atikkhan Faridkhan Nilgar (Perceived Disclosure Appropriateness of Social Robot as Coaching Assistant)
  • Erqi Huang (Multispectral Light-field Image Acquisition)
  • Henry Kipsang Misoi (Experimental determination of the H₂O broadening effect on S-branch Raman linewidth of N₂)
  • Evaggelos Sidiropoulos (Design and Implementing of a Dual-Pump CARS Setup for Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature and Relative Concentrations of Nitrogen and Water Vapor)




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