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Alumni Career Day 2020

Strategies for a successful start to your career.
Benefit from the experiences of Alumni.

One day with human resources managers and experts in different fields – Alumni, Startup-founders Alumni, Research Alumni

For students from all faculties, international students and young academics!

Start your career with confidence, Understand industry-specific requirements, Tips for job applications, Interview training, Hands-on help to starting an international scientific career, Starting your own business, Starting your career abroad, Job interview training, Understanding selection processes: Assessment Center....

The Alumni Career Day offers participants the opportunity to work together with experienced alumni in workshops on topics relating to starting your career, international and academic career development, and developing personalised strategies for each participant’s future career.

Our workshop leaders are alumni of the University of Siegen. They come from different study backgrounds, and are currently active as recruiter or personnel manager or in the area of human resources management. While working in different companies, they come into contact with applications on a daily basis, they often interact with people taking their first steps in their careers, and make decisions about hiring and career development. Those who are self-employed have experience in start-ups, and those who are research alumni are ideally placed to answer questions concerning the development of an international scientific career.

Alumni Career Day - special

Friday, 27 November 2020

Digital workshops with focus on career entry in Germany for international students

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