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Information for currently enrolled ROADS students

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Welcome Meeting M.A. Roads: 27th March at 15.00 in AR-K 116

Course enrollment for the summer semester 2023: The electronic course catalogue unisono is now open for Summer Semester 2023 and you can start to plan your schedule for the next semester. For detailed information for students from thrid semester or higher click here.  

Course enrollment for the summer semester 2023 - FIRST SEMESTER STUDENTS:

Information on compulsory courses for first semester students are available here. Instructions on how to register for courses at unisono can be found here

A welcome week is going to take place from 27 to 31 March. You can find the schedule for the week and the info for registration here.



Studies Abroad

In the M.A. Roads to Democracies students have the option to study abroad at one of the selected partner universities in Europe. These universities are:

Furthermore studies abroad with a combination of thesis work/research and courses is possible at the following partner universities (recommended during 4th semester):
  • Marmara Üniversitesi (Turkey): turkish language skills required!
  • Piraeus (Greece): For M.A. Thesis work only (EU-Related Topic)
  • Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej w Krakowie (Poland): Institute of Political Science and Administration

No tuition fees are charged at the partner institutions during the studies abroad. The study abroad period can be funded through the Erasmus+ program. Application deadline is 15 December. Only students enrolled in the program can apply for a semester abroad. The semester abroad is usually scheduled for the third semester (Winter Semester). 

It is recommended to apply for at least three partner universities! This way you have the possibility to move up if you are not selected for your first choice (possilbility to move up for your 2nd or 3rd choice) . If you select only one university and you are not selected, you cannot move up and consequently not realize a study stay abroad. A new application at the next possible date (e.g. remaining places for the summer semester) is then necessary.

After having been admitted for the studies abroad you need to contact the Academic Advisors (see list below) for filling out the Learning Agreement. For further information on application processes please consult the study coordinators. Questions concerning Erasmus-Funding need to be directed to the Erasmus Coordinator. 
In exceptional cases students can conduct their studies abroad during the fourth semester. In this case a confirmation by the thesis supervisor in Siegen is needed. 


30 credits need to be listed within the learning agreement for the exchange at the partner university. A minimum of 4 weeks should be calculated for receiving the required signatures

Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors will help you to establish your Learning Agreement for your studies abroad. 
Dr. Uta Liebeskind (liebeskind@soziologie.uni-siegen.de)
Please download the Studies Abroad Presentation here.

M.A. Thesis

The M.A. Roads to Democracies is an research oriented study program.
Students are therefore constantly working on their thesis draft.When the requirements for registration are completed students can officially register the thesis (usually during the third semester).
Please find here further information on the thesis as well as on the thesis registration process. Please note that the M.A. Thesis and the M.A.Thesis Presentation need to be registered separately.

In case you are still searching for a supervisor you can contact our academic advisors for further advice
How to write a Thesis Proposal (These guidelines apply for enrolled students, applicants do not have to submit a detailed Thesis Proposal)


In the M.A. Roads to Democracies students will complete an internship during their studies. The internship can be completed in Germany or also abroad and has to have a duration of at least 8 weeks (fulltime). For internships in Europe funding can be received through the Erasmus + program. In case of an Erasmus + funding an application must be presented one month before the start of the internship. Please contact outgoing@zv.uni-siegen.de  for further information on documents and application procedures. 

Internships outside of Europe can be funded through the DAAD Program PROMOS. Please contact Mrs Engelmann for further information on the application procedure: susanne.engelmann@zv.uni-siegen.de
Please find useful links for finding an internship below.

Here you will find a list of links to job advertisements for young professionals and interns with international organizations:  Job advertisements for young professionals and interns KW 42  

Or find internships on the following websites

Please consult the study coordination for further questions concerning funding opportunities. 
For basic information please download the PDF 

Before starting the internship the internship needs to be approved and registered.  Please find here some further guidelines.

Further contacts

Study coordination: can support you in organising your studies and your study plan (courses and lectures), will inform you on study abroad opportunities and funding opportunities and further organizational aspects.
Examination office: registration of exams, credits, thesis registration, confirmation letters (approx. end of studies) 
phil: unisono  (Guidelines in English for course registration and registration for credits and exams)
Inernship Office
Course instructors of the Department of History and requirements for writing seminar papers
Course instructors of the Department of Social Sciences and requirements
International Student Affairs: enrollment, scholarships, residence permit, health insurance, housing.
For information on language courses please consult our Language Center.
Information for families can be found on the website of the Family Service Office.
Information and support for refugees and new immigrants can be found here: Counselling for new immigrants and refugees

Support for disabled and chronically ill students

House of Young Talents
Career Service
The M.A. Roads to Democracies program is constantly enlarging its Alumni-Network. First interviews with Alumni can be found on the Alumni-Network website.

Information on PhD- Studies can be found here

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