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Zentrale Studienberatung
im SSC-Gebäude
Adolf-Reichwein-Str. 2
57076 Siegen

Erreichbarkeit der
studentischen Hotline im Oktober:
0271 740-2712

Mo - Do: 10 - 14 Uhr
Fr: 10 - 12 Uhr

Mail: info.studienberatung[at]

Terminvereinbarung für eine Beratung über:
0271 740-2712

International Students
You find information about the admission procedure here: STARTING


Information on your start at university

Dear freshmen,
We are pleased to welcome you as new students at the University of Siegen.
Starting at university means a new time in your life begins, bringing many changes with it. Surely you have some questions about the practical organization of your degree program: “How do I create my own course schedule?”, “What about my finances?”, “What is life on campus like?”, “What does the city of Siegen have to offer me?”

To make your start easier, we have compiled the most important information on your
start at university on this page.

We wish you a successful and rewarding time of study!
- Central Student Advisory Service of the University of Siegen -

Student e-mail addresses/Access to the digitale learning platform moodle


Upon enrollment, all students are assigned a University of Siegen e-mail address by the Center for Information and Media Technology (ZIMT). You can activate it yourself via your personal unisono account. To do so, after logging into unisono, click the button “Studentisches Leben” [Student's Corner] in the top navigation bar and then click “ZIMT-Konto” [ZIMT Account] in the left navigation bar. When you click the link provided there, your student e-mail address will be activated automatically.


The Center for Information and Media Technology (ZIMT) at the University of Siegen offers the possibility to support courses web-based with the learning management system Moodle, this means virtual course rooms can be used to accompany face-to-face teaching. In order to get access to the documents stored by the lecturers in Moodle, you have to activate your student e-mail address or your account at ZIMT once. You can find more information about this on the ZIMT pages for first-year students.

Information before starting the degree program

Note: The links below will open a PDF document on the page on which the topic section you have clicked begins. This function is not supported by all web browsers. If necessary, you may have to navigate to the desired section within the PDF.

What are the formalities I have to complete at the university?

Enrollment/changing programs
Preparation courses
Campus management unisono
unisono access information
Course registration in unisono
Student e-mail address/Learning Platform "Moodle"
Using the library/copying

Looking for a place to live, registering your domicile - or would it be preferable to commute?

Tips on finding a place to live
Accommodation while looking for a place to live
Registering your domicile/change of address

How do I get to the university?

By bicycle/e-bike
By bus
USiCard/ Student Card
By car

How can I finance my studies? What about health insurance?

Health insurance
BAföG [financial support in education]

How do I create my course schedule?

Module handbooks/examination regulations/degree plans

Who can help me? (contacts/advice)

Central student advisory service
Center for teacher education and education research
Student advisors/academic advisor of the faculty
Degree program advisors
Mental health counseling
Support for students with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses
International Office
Student Admission, Registration and Training in German (STARTING)
Siegen students services
Family service office
Bridges to studying - Preparatory studies
Career service
Alumni association
Examination offices
Student self-governance
Student parliament
General students’ committee
Student representatives
Independent departments

Where can I find what at the university? What do the abbreviations mean?

Site plans/room keySite plans/room key
List of abbreviations

Campus security

Campus security

Introductory events for freshmen

Introductory events are held for all first-year students before the start of lectures - the so-called ESE = Erstsemestereinführung.

Information on the ESE in winter semester 2021/22 will be available here from mid-September.

What is the student ESE?

Students in more advanced semesters provide an introduction on university life from a student perspective. The give a guided tour of the campus, give advice on how to create a course schedule, explain the study regulations and shed some light on the jungle of abbreviations. In addition, the student ESE offers an interesting evening program that is intended to help freshmen feel at home in Siegen as quickly as possible. Please also attend the lecturer ESE.

What is the lecturer ESE?

Lecturers welcome the freshmen and provide an introduction on their degree programs. You will receive an introduction to the organization of your studies, information on the sequence of courses, etc. Please also attend the student ESE.

Preparatory courses

Für einen leichteren Start ins Studium empfehlen wir die Teilnahme an den Vorkursen vor Semesterbeginn (insb. bei naturwissenschaftlich-technischen Studiengängen).

Information on the preparatory courses in winter semester 2021/22 

Video tutorial: What is unisono and how does it work?

What is unisono and why is it important for studying at the University of Siegen? How can you register for courses or examinations? Where can you find an overview of performances and certificates?

Our video tutorial provides first insights into the organization platform of the University of Siegen. With the help of the tutorial you can create your course schedule or download documents for your health insurance or the BAföG office.

Or simply browse through the catalog of courses offered at the University of Siegen. Have fun!