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  • D1.1.1- Architecture conceptualization: requirements, terms and principles. PDF
  • D1.2.1- Architectural style of DREAMS. PDF
  • D1.3.1- Description of development process with model transformations. PDF
  • D1.4.1- Meta-models for application and platform. PDF
  • D1.6.1- Metamodels for platform-specific modelling. PDF
  • D1.8.1- Report on intermediate assessment and support for demonstrators. PDF
  • D1.8.2- Report on final assessment and support for demonstrators. PDF
  • D2.2.3- Implementation of real-time scheduling heuristics and coordination for the KVM hypervisor. PDF
  • D2.3.1- XtratuM support of enhanced hypervisor layer services: description and interfaces. PDF
  • D3.4.1- Integration and Support Report. PDF
  • D4.1.1- Initial collection of offline adaptation strategies for mixed criticality. PDF
  • D4.3.1- Variability Analysis and Testing Techniques for Mixed-Criticality Systems. PDF
  • D4.4.2- Integration and Support Report. PDF
  • D5.2.1- Specification of simulation framework. PDF
  • D5.2.2- Prototype implementation of simulation framework for DREAMS architecture. PDF
  • D5.2.3- Fault injection framework. PDF
  • D5.3.1- Cross Domain Mixed-Criticality Pattern. PDF
  • D5.5.1- SoTA-Certification. PDF
  • D7.1.2- Wind Power Evaluation and Monitoring Plan. PDF
  • D7.3.1- Preliminary Assessment Report Related to Improving or Calibrating the Technological Results. PDF
  • D8.3.1- Preliminary assessment report related to improving or calibrating the technological results. PDF
  • D8.3.2- Assessment report for mixed-criticality healthcare and entertainment use cases. PDF
  • D9.1.1- Community repository. PDF
  • D9.1.2- Intermediate Community Building Report. PDF
  • D9.1.3- Final Community Building Report. PDF
  • D9.2.1- Standardization Report. PDF
  • D9.3.1- Report on first workshop on roadmap. PDF
  • D9.3.2- White Paper on Mixed-Criticality Research and Innovation. PDF