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Executive Department for
Press, Communication and Marketing

Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2a
Gebäude AVZ (Gebäudeteil AR-NA)
57068 Siegen

Phone:    +49 (0)271/740-4915
Fax.:    +49 (0)271/740-4911
E-Mail:  presse@uni-siegen.de



  • Pictures from the Press Releases
  • Refugee project of the University of Siegen honored in Berlin
    The Initiative "Refugees Help Refugees" of the University of Siegen has been given an award by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The award was presented in Berlin.

  • Mentoring program specifically for women re-launched
    The female-specific mentoring program of the University of Siegen (FraMeS) has sent off the sixth cohort and at the same time welcomed the seventh. The application period for the next round runs until 31.10.17.

  • Wanted: Test Driver, Tutor, IT-Expert
    To have an income while studying, is best achieved with a job that fits perfectly with your own ideas - the job placement center of the University of Siegen can make this possible. How it works, is explained by Andrea Henzeschulz.

  • Tips for the Internship
    The compulsory internship for your study is due and you do not yet know how to find a suitable position? Anna Maria Weber from the Internship Office of Faculty I of the University of Siegen gives tips for students of the humanities.

  • European Seal for Siegen
    Award "HR Excellence in Research" attests excellent conditions for researchers at the University of Siegen.

  • Influence of Changes in Sea Level Underestimated
    A new study by the University of Siegen shows that the influence on storm surge and wave heights will in the future be stronger than previously thought - and therefore planning heights for protective structures, like dikes, should possibly be reconsidered.

  • Science is International
    Together with eight other German scientific organizations, the HRK has issued an opinion on the USA entry prohibition for nationals from Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria.

  • Beginning of a New Welcome Center at the University of Siegen
    The Division of International Services welcomes international researchers at the annual reception. Help in everyday life and leisure programs for guest scientists.

  • Two Countries, Two Universities, Two Degrees.
    In a new, binational study program called "European Economics Communication" students receive degrees from the University of Siegen and the Unversité d'Orleáns. Three female students report from France.

  • Baklava and Croquettes
    At the "Dinner Time" cookery competition at the University of Siegen, students and refugees cooked for each other and noticed, at the latest, during dessert that their cultural differences are often rather small.

  • Currywurst and Kindelsberg
    Two student groups from the University of Siegen help incoming international students to make their stay abroad in Siegen an unforgettable experience.

  • Excellent Structures for Research, Teaching and Campus
    At the second university conference the University of Siegen presents new large-scale construction projects – beginning in autumn, the excavators are moving on the Adolf Reichwein campus.

  • “Wonderful“ Weather, but the Black Bread Isn’t
    Tom Murray, an intern from Scotland, gets to know the workplace of the University of Siegen printing plant - and Germany, by way of the "Erasmus + Program".

  • Solidarity in times of crisis?
    Survey results released today through the TransSOL project show that despite growing support for anti-EU and populist parties, European citizens remain broadly committed to the principle of solidarity, both towards EU citizens and beyond. This commitment is not absolute however and, in times of crisis, bonds are being tested.

  • The University of Siegen Expands Cooperation with China
    Chancellor Ulf Richter signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China’s Chengdu University of Information Technology.

  • Siegen Researchers Develop Lion Alert System
    Researchers from the University of Siegen are involved building a unique digital lion warning system in Botswana. It should avoid conflicts between the local population and lions and thus contribute to the protection of the predatory animals.

  • "Quiet Room" Opened
    In the vicinity of the Audimax there is now a retreat possibile for individual members of the University of Siegen.

  • University of Siegen Takes in Threatened Scientist
    The Philipp Schwartz Initiative awards a scholarship to a Turkish scientist, who can now continue her work at the University of Siegen.

  • A Fifth School at the University of Siegen
    Senate decides to incorporate the School of Life Sciences into the basic structure of the university.

  • Students Develop Future Workspaces
    At the University of Siegen research group Institute of Advanced Studies "ForschungsKollegSiegen" (FoKoS), students from all four schools are developing innovative ideas for the work environment within the framework of the the FoKoS project "Future Workspaces".

  • Diversity as Opportunity
    The University of Siegen has signed the "Charter of Diversity". The nationwide initiative promotes diversity in companies and institutions and works against exclusion and prejudice.

  • Guest Visit from the USA
    A visiting group from the USA has now been informed about current research and exchange projects at the University of Siegen. People from the chairs of Mathematics Education and the Department of English shared insight into their curriculum.

  • Open, Clever, Flexible
    Scientists from the University of Siegen have developed a learning platform for foreign languages with European partners. COMALAT is accessible free of charge and adapts individually to the learner's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Learning in a Virtual Reality Setting
    At the Institute of Advanced Studies “ForschungsKollegSiegen” (FoKoS) of the University of Siegen, scientists are developing an innovative learning system, in which students move inside a virtual environment. A first application is already in use.

  • Millions for Civil Security Research at the University of Siegen
    How can citizens connect with social media in disaster situations and organize help? And how can companies protect themselves through cross-company networking? An interdisciplinary research group at the University of Siegen wants to find out.

  • Sensor Technology for Therapy Success
    Scientists of the University of Siegen work together with the DRK-Kinderklinik on a sensor based support system of physiotherapy according to "Vojta". The research project "SenseVojta" is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

  • Uni Siegen is a Partner in the New Mathematics SFB
    At the start of the year 2017, the German Research Foundation (DFG) is launching a new Transregio collaborative research center (SFB) in mathematics. Scientists from seven different universities are jointly implementing the project.

  • The University of Siegen is Among the Best "Young Universities" Worldwide
    The University of Siegen is ranked 68 out of 200 by the "Times Higher Education" ranking of the best young universities in the world. It is one of eleven German educational institutions that have made it onto the ranking list.

  • CHE-University Ranking: Good Results for the University of Siegen
    In the current ranking of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE), the University of Siegen reaches the top group in several categories. Particularly successful: The Department of Business Information Systems.

  • Consultation Hours of the Ausländerbehörde of the City of Siegen on the AR-Campus
    As part of a cooperation between the city and the University of Siegen, the Ausländerbehörde (immigration authority) will offer a two-hour consultation for foreign students every second Wednesday of the month in the Student Service Center.

  • Dinner Time Participants Wanted
    In the winter semester, the cooking competition "Dinner Time" goes to the next round. Students and refugees can cook together. In the end a cookbook with the winning recipes is created.

  • Successful in Engineering and Technology
    The University of Siegen is placed among the top 400 universities in the world at THE Engineering and Technology Subject Ranking. Among other things, the quality of teaching and research as well as the international orientation play a role in the selection.

  • New Heads at the University of Siegen
    Siegen mayor Steffen Mues, Rector Prof. Burckhart, and Head of Administration Mr. Richter welcomed the newly appointed professors in the town hall.

  • Risk Radar for Enterprises
    Economists Prof. Arnd Wiedemann and Prof. Volker Stein from the University of Siegen are researching how companies can prepare themselves for the risks of digitalization.

  • Growing up with the Smart Phone
    Scientists from the University of Siegen are investigating how smartphones affect learning processes and the socialization of children. The project is part of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) "Media of Cooperation".

  • Jaap Verweij Becomes Founding Dean
    The University of Siegen has appointed Professor med. Jaap Verweij Founding Dean of the School of Life Sciences (LWF).

  • Impressive Reelection of Head of Administration Ulf Richter
    Ulf Richter remains head of administration of the University of Siegen. The university election assembly reelected the 47-year-old prematurely by a large majority.

  • Prof. Burckhart Again Confirmed as Vice-President of the German Rector’s Conference (HRK)
    The Siegen university Rector Prof. Dr. Holger Burckhart will remain at the head of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) until the end of 2018.

  • Christmas Market on the Campus
    The Siegen Christmas Market returns to Schlossplatz this year for the first time after a pause. Thus, the students and employees of the University of Siegen on the campus Unteres Schloss will have a new neighbor until December 23rd.

  • Form Refugee to Skilled Worker?
    The Research College of the University of Siegen discussed the potential migration holds for the regional labor market during the FoKoS week.

  • Recognize Pathogenic Bacteria Early
    The human biologist Dr. Mareike Müller is studying the communication of bacteria at the University of Siegen, especially in biofilms. On the basis of this biomedical research, she wants to develop methods to detect pathogenic bacteria early on and locally.

  • Looking Through the Cosmic Fog
    Siegen researchers participate in the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina. It is the largest cosmic ray observatory ever built. There, it has been proven that this kind of radiation comes from outside of our galaxy.

  • Stronger Focus on Languages
    The Language Center of the University of Siegen has been open since the summer semester 2017. It emerged from the language domain of the Competence Center (KoSi) and offers a variety of language courses.

  • Carpool Seats Offered – Passengers Wanted
    Five students from the University of Siegen have developed a passenger app in addition to their studies. "campusride" starts just in time for the winter semester 2017/2018 and is also meant be a kind of community for students and university staff.

  • Tracking Down Delays
    Researchers at the University of Siegen are investigating in a research project how passengers and public transport companies each deal with malfunctions and cancellations.

  • Siegen Economist Among the Top 100
    Professor Thushyanthan Baskaran from the University of Siegen is among those German speaking economists, who are particularly strong in research. This is revealed by the current VWL ranking of the newspaper "Handelsblatt".

  • Research with Ultra Thin Layers
    Prof. Dr. Carsten Busse is new to the Department of Physics at the University of Siegen and is involved in experimental nanophysics, especially ultra-thin textured films. These could be used in the future, for example for computer chips or touchscreens.

  • How transnational are European civil society organisations?
    Research to be published next week through the TransSOL project shows that civil society organisations (CSOs) have responded to the various crises affecting the EU, and they have also worked across countries to promote solidarity. However, CSOs tend to act nationally, regionally and locally rather than transnationally.

  • Getting safely to the parking areas
    In the winter time employees and students can call the security service to lead them to the parking areas.

  • Apply now for Master and PhD scholarships
    Through the House of Young Talents, the University of Siegen grants scholarships for the promotion of excellent master's and doctoral students.

  • Second Annual Reception for International Researchers
    The Welcome Center of the University of Siegen organizes an evening for guest scientists, which is all about exchange.

  • A Festive Reception in the Historical Town Hall
    Around 100 international students and guest scientists came to the University of Siegen in the winter semester 2017/18. Siegen's mayor Steffen Mues welcomed them in the town hall.

  • Bringing the School to the Village
    "Africa's People - Africa's Power e.V." is an association of students and alumni of the University of Siegen. They want to support people in Africa implementing their own projects.

  • Strengthen Diversity, Break Down Barriers
    The University of Siegen starts with the Diversity Audit of the Stifterverband. The aim is to increase the equal opportunities for students and employees at the university - regardless of their cultural and social background or their individual living conditions.

  • Exploring Right Populisms
    PSI (Philipp Schwartz-Initiative) fellows at the University of Siegen have initiated a collaborative research project and organized a workshop to share initial outcomes and to form a collective debate among experts.

  • Campuscloud Online
    Starting immediately, the free cloud storage service “Sciebo” is available for all students and employees of the University of Siegen.

  • Honor for Researcher and University
    The University of Siegen honors Professor David B. Audretsch with an honorary doctorate for his outstanding achievements.

  • “Having Fun, Finding Friends”
    In what ways do young refugees, adolescents or young adults, take advantage of the open-youth-work in North-Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate? This is the topic of a pilot study of the University of Siegen.

  • NRW supports the University of Siegen in EU research
    The University of Siegen is one of 14 winners in the current competition for the promotion of project management structures. The state is providing in total 1.5 million euros in EU research and innovation funding for the participation of universities and university hospitals.

  • New Auditorium Center in Siegen
    By 2020 a new auditorium and seminar center will come into existence for the campus “Unteres Schloss” of the University of Siegen.

  • Maternity Protection for Female Students
    Since the 1st of January 2018, the Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) also extends to female students. Here you will find more information and the registration form.

  • “Brought Out the Best”
    The Campus Unteres Schloss of the University of Siegen will get a new cafeteria. Construction will begin in spring 2018. The new building will be built in the street "Am Obergraben".

  • Respect and Recognition
    At the annual reception of the University of Siegen, Nobel laureate Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Frank is awarded an honorary doctorate – festival lecture by NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet.

  • Digital Diversity Guide Goes Online
    For the Diversity Day (5 June 2018), the University of Siegen published a Diversity Guide. The guide bundles all services that support diversity.

  • Making European Communities Fit for Inclusion
    Scientists at the University of Siegen are developing training courses in a European cooperation project to make communities fit for the topic of inclusion.

  • (Technological-) Learning in the Social Environment
    A new international project of the University of Siegen is exploring ways to help older people gain access to digital products.

  • Living Internationalization
    With the "Day of International Visiting Scholars", the University of Siegen promotes exchange and research. Four scientists receive an award for their special commitment.

  • Diversity Wins
    At the "International Soccer Mini World Cup" of the University of Siegen and the "Impetus to Life Foundation", people from 23 nations played with and against each other.

  • Investing in Future Medicine
    Sparkasse and the University of Siegen announce two projects for the improvement of medical and financial primary care in the region.

  • Transatlantic Research Cooperation
    For almost ten years, scientists from the University of Siegen and the American Norfolk State University have been researching together on the topics of "migration" and "immigration". Now, an interdisciplinary symposium was held in Siegen.

  • End of Big Data?
    International conference CoSeRa: In September, Siegen University will host renowned researchers from all over the world.

  • Professor Wulf Accepted as a Member of CHI Academy
    Siegen scientist Prof. Dr. Volker Wulf is the fourth German in the expert group for the field of computer-human interaction.

  • When Fans Continue the Story
    Intellectual Property Law: A project of the Siegen Collaborative Research Center "Media of Cooperation" deals with copyright in fanfiction.

  • The Liking of the Others
    What is behind the users’ behavior on Twitter? Why is the platform so successful? The Siegen media scientist Johannes Paßmann has researched the peculiarities of the social network.

  • Teacher Training According to the Siegen Model
    The University of Siegen and the Hanoi National University of Education in Vietnam work together to train teachers. The focus is on the combination of mathematics and physics.

  • Future Cities
    Which means of construction do we have to apply in order to protect our cities from climate change in the future? And what has to happen to make living in the cities affordable again? Professor Lamia Messari-Becker from the University of Siegen answers these questions.

  • First Students from Rotterdam
    As part of the project "Rethinking Medicine", five students complete part of their Practical Year (PY) at Siegen Clinics.

  • Commitment to Equal Opportunity is Honored
    The University of Siegen receives the title TOTAL E-QUALITY for the fourth time in succession. This recognizes the university’s sustainable commitment to equal opportunity in all areas and positions.

  • Two Food Trucks at Campus Unteres Schloß
    Effective immediately, two food trucks will be available to students and employees at Campus Unteres Schloß.

  • Renewed Exchange with University of Tulsa
    Students of the University of Siegen will continue to have the opportunity to study at the University of Tulsa in the US state of Oklahoma. The cross-faculty exchange has now been reorganized.

  • When Commuting Suddenly Causes Happiness
    How can we develop products that enhance people's well-being? Researchers at the University of Siegen investigate just this.

  • Bending Pipes with Cyber Glasses
    Machine operation made easy: A research cooperation at the University of Siegen has developed a system that uses state-of-the-art technology to support machine operators in the industry by passing on the knowledge of experienced colleagues.

  • International Guests at the University of Siegen
    Mayor Mues and Prorector Haring Bolívar welcome exchange students and visiting scholars to the Council Chamber of Siegen.

  • Quit Smoking with Virtual Reality
    Scientists at the University of Siegen are developing a virtual reality application to help smokers overcome their addictions.

  • A Notable Development
    More than 19,200 students and a strong increase in new students: The University of Siegen continues at a high enrollment level in the winter semester 2018/2019.

  • New Home for Threatened Scientist
    As part of the Philipp Schwartz initiative, the University of Siegen has been given the opportunity to welcome another international visiting scholar.

  • University of Siegen again among the top 500
    Siegen University continues to be one of the 500 best universities worldwide. This is shown by the current Times Higher Education (THE) ranking.

  • Medicine-Campus Bonn-Siegen Has Started
    "Rethinking medicine": With the first 25 students of the new Human Medicine Bonn-Siegen course of studies, the new Bonn-Siegen Medical Campus is also starting.

  • medizinstudis_thumb
    The first students of the new Human Medicine Bonn-Siegen course of studies have started their studies at the University of Bonn.

  • Future Studies Awarded
    The Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Siegen (FoKoS) awards the Future Prize to three researchers for their achievements - which extend beyond their own discipline.

  • Research on Particle Physics at the Highest Level
    The German Research Foundation (DFG) is setting up a new Transregional Collaborative Research Center (TRR SFB) in physics. The University of Siegen is involved as one of three locations.

  • University of Siegen Becomes a Fairtrade-University
    As part of a ceremony, the University of Siegen has received an honor award by the association TransFair e.V.

  • Horizon 2020 Information Event
    The university informs scientists about the funding opportunities of the European Research Council (ERC).

  • Phishing Mail in Circulation
    Currently there is an e-mail in circulation, allegedly coming from the IT service team (ZIMT) of the University of Siegen, pretending to inform you about an unauthorized external login with your university account. This e-mail is NOT genuine. Do not open links from this message and do not enter your access data there. Instead, you can delete this message.

  • Recognizing Real Emotions in a Virtual World
    Joy, frustration and boredom: In the ELISE study, scientists from the University of Siegen used a sensor mask to examine overburdening and insufficient challenging of people in virtual reality.

  • Leo Ante Portas: How IT Helps Animals and People
    Scientists from the University of Siegen have developed in Botswana with the nature conservation organization "CLAWS Conservancy" a worldwide unique warning system to protect lions and cattle. Almost two years after the project started, they are drawing a positive balance.

  • Using Avatars for Smart Production
    The aim of the international research project MOSIM is to simulate human movements as efficiently as possible using standardized movement modules Scientists from the University of Siegen are also involved. Improving production planning in companies is one of the aims of the project.

  • Open Science, Open Future
    What if research results and research publications were open to all, without publishers regulating the payment limit, as is often the case today? How would the general public benefit, as, e.g., young junior researchers? These questions are discussed at the University of Siegen by Dr. Bernard Rentier, former Rector of the University of Liège.

  • Uni-Shop is Moving
    The university shop gets a new home. From the SSC it moves into the building AR-NA. During the time the shop is being relocated it remains closed. It will reopen on Tuesday, March 5.

  • Awards for young scientists
    Five young scientists from the University of Siegen have been honoured for their outstanding achievements.

  • Action Day for Togetherness
    The University of Siegen participates in the nationwide German Diversity Day on May 28th. The focus is on anti-discrimination.

  • Master's and PhD Students: Apply Now for Scholarships
    The University of Siegen announces scholarships, by the House of Young Talents, to promote excellent master's and PhD students.

  • Third Term for University Rector Burckhart
    Prof. Dr. Holger Burckhart will remain rector of the University of Siegen for another four years. The University Electoral Assembly confirmed him in office with a convincing majority.

  • Deepening Cooperation with China
    The China office of the University of Siegen in Beijing is celebrating tenth birthday. On this occasion, a delegation from Siegen travelled to China to deepen their partnerships with the universities there.

  • The University of Siegen Scores in International Comparison
    Around 1,700 universities from 96 countries took part in the global U-Multirank university ranking this year. The University of Siegen achieved good and very good results in numerous areas.

  • Federal Family Minister Honors Siegen University
    Diversity first: The University of Siegen receives a certificate with permanent character in Berlin for audit berufundfamilie (job and family)/ audit familiengerechte hochschule (family-friendly university).

  • New Research Training Group at the University of Siegen
    The German Research Foundation (DFG) has approved the establishment of a new Research Training Group at the University of Siegen. The Research Training Group will investigate central aspects of social assistance in the welfare state.

  • Millions in funding for Smart Production Design Center
    The University of Siegen receives more than 3 million euros for the establishment of a Smart Production Design Center. At the center, intelligent tools are to be developed and researched in order to actively shape the transition to Industry 4.0.

  • Annual Reception for International Researchers
    Once a year, the Welcome Center of the University of Siegen organizes a reception for researchers from all over the world and their families.

  • University and Industry Are Producing Future
    A real laboratory for research, development and the latest production technology is being built at a new location in Buschhütten.

  • Creative, Innovative, Open
    The Fab Lab of the University of Siegen arrived in the heart of the city in 2018. The laboratory of a special kind in the Herrengarten, is a meeting place for researchers, creative do-it-yourselfers and children. However, the question of location still needs to be clarified.

  • Sea Level Has Been Rising Faster for 50 Years
    Scientists at the University of Siegen have found that The rise of the global sea level picked up speed earlier than previously known. According to this, a clear acceleration can be detected as early as the end of the 1960s.

  • Workflows in a Virtual Environment
    In May 2019, the aSTAR project started at FoKoS (Research College of the University of Siegen). The focus is on the work design of the future and the transfer of skills in a virtual environment - using the example of a crane.

  • Current bus timetables and route changes
    Since September 30th 2019, there are a few changes concerning the bus routes and timetables of the university express-lines (UX). An overview.

  • Deadline for registration on 30 October 2019
    Registration for students from abroad will be closed on 30 October 2019.

  • DFG Review Board Elections Started in 2019
    The election to the Review Boards of the German Research Foundation (DFG) will take place until 18 November 2019.

  • Approximately 18,600 Students Register for the New Semester
    Expected decline in the number of students at the University of Siegen in the winter semester 2019/2020. New study program started at the Faculty of Life Sciences (LWF).

  • Master Students from all Over the World Get Going
    The School of Science and Technology (Faculty IV) Welcomes More than 160 International Master Students for the Winter Semester 2019/20.

  • Nobel Laureate is Visiting Siegen
    One day after being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, Olga Tokarczuk came to the new seminar center of the University of Siegen for a reading.

  • New Medicine Related Study Program Started
    The winter semester at the University of Siegen has begun - and with it also the new and Germany-wide unique medical-related study course "Digital Biomedical and Health Sciences".

  • Apply now for the FraMeS - Mentoring-Program
    The FraMeS - Mentoring-Program of the University of Siegen celebrates its 10th anniversary. Applications are still possible until 18 November.

  • Making Contacts over Coffee and Croissants
    Regional companies and international students from the University of Siegen meet too rarely. The SieguVer team is working to change this.

  • On The Trail of Cosmic Radiation
    The Pierre Auger Observatory for Cosmic Radiation celebrates its 20th anniversary. Participating scientists from the University of Siegen take part in the ceremony in Argentina.

  • Award for International Commitment
    The University of Siegen has awarded faculty Erasmus coordinators for their commitment. Chancellor Ulf Richter presented the certificates at a reception for those involved in the Erasmus+ program and for international students.

  • A Success Story for 20 Years
    For 20 years the University of Siegen has been offering the degree program "German and European Business Law". The anniversary of the unique course was celebrated with around 300 graduates and Minister of Justice Peter Biesenbach.

  • Supporting small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in their Digitization Efforts
    Over the past two years, the Siegen 4.0 Competence Center for SMEs has visited more than 460 small and medium-sized enterprises. The demand for the offers is high.

  • Coronavirus: The University of Siegen is taking precautions
    Here you will find current information and recommendations on how to deal with this novel type of virus.